By Bella J

Dear Bella,

My girlfriend is an official member of a leading
Pentecostal church and she takes her religion
seriously – so much so that she always recoils
at the idea of having sex. She says it’s against
the teachings of the Bible. This makes me sad.

I am a Christian myself and I go to a reputable orthodox church from time to time.
My girlfriend’s attitude is really upsetting me. I
know a lot of our religious friends who are
happy in fulfilling sexual relationships, why
should our situation be different? At times I
even wonder if she’s not hiding something more sinister from me. I’ve asked her to reach some sort of
compromise by giving me oral sex but she
says nothing can be done sexually until we
are married. It seems as if she is using her
religion as a bait for us to get married. What
can I do? If she turns out to be a pig-in-a- poke after we get married, what could I do?
Do you think there’s anything I can say to
change her views? I want her so much.

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